Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Services

To increase the lifespan and maintain peak performance, it’s critical to clean your industrial machinery regularly. An economical and environmentally beneficial method of removing pollutants and residue is dry ice blasting.
With more than 30 years of experience, Dry Ice Blasting Oklahoma City is a leading provider of specialist dry ice blasting services. Since then, we’ve collaborated with clients across a range of sectors and uses. Since dry ice blasting is a successful method for removing mold from your workstation, our dry ice blasting portfolio now includes thorough mold removal services.

Mold remediation is Important.

Mold may develop anyplace in a warm, humid atmosphere because it likes moisture. Several issues that provide more humidity can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, including:

• A humid climate

• Leaky pipes or roofs

• Water damage from flooding

• Insufficient airflow

• Continual condensation

Mold is harmful in addition to being unattractive. Mold has a high rate of spread and can seriously harm a structure. Severe mold can destroy drywall and plaster as well as compromise wooden structural components.

In addition to causing cold and flu-like symptoms, including sneezing, itchy skin, wheezing, and coughing, mold can also lead to allergic reactions and respiratory issues in both personnel and guests at your facility. Extremely significant mold infestations might result in more serious symptoms, including asthma and hypersensitive pneumonitis. Black mold is one type of mold that is extremely hazardous to people and can harm their organs, cause cancer, or cause internal bleeding.

It is crucial to get rid of mold as soon as you notice it because of how quickly it can grow. Spores hide in hidden areas or below the surface of substrates, making it challenging to remove using conventional cleaning techniques. Dry ice blasting is far more efficient at removing mold than regular surface cleansers.

Dry Ice Blasting Oklahoma City Capabilities for Mold Remediation

Compressed air is used to blow dry ice pellets through a hose. They change from solid to gas as soon as they come into touch with the surface. This quick expansion eliminates mold and creates no more waste.

Chemical cleaners provide their own health and environmental dangers, especially when used at the levels necessary for mold removal. Dry ice mold remediation offers a clean, ecologically secure substitute. Sandblasting, which can be abrasive and messy, is frequently substituted by dry ice blasting. It’s also better than water blasting, which can leave moisture behind and create the groundwork for the mold to return.

Higher labor expenses are associated with sand- and water-based blasting techniques because they require longer downtime to clean the area or wait for the surface to dry. In addition to being a safer option, dry ice blasting is also quicker and less expensive.

We provide thorough mold repair and removal services in addition to dry ice blasting for other uses. You can lease or buy a blast machine for minor jobs or places that need frequent cleaning. We also keep a stock of secondhand blasting equipment that can be suitable for your requirements.

Services for Mold Removal at Dry Ice Blasting Oklahoma City

For more than three decades, Dry Ice Blasting Oklahoma City has proudly served Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We are skilled at finding and getting rid of mold in different kinds of facilities. Any industry is welcome to use our mold remediation and removal services or any of our other dry ice blasting solutions, but some of the ones we frequently serve are as follows:

• Fire damage repair

• Industrial or commercial baking

• Processing of food

• Aerospace

• Printing

• Production of metal

We work efficiently and completely, and we’re always delighted to address any queries you may have regarding our dry ice blasting and mold removal services. You need to act quickly when dealing with mold. If you think your facility may have mold, get in touch with us right away for a consultation.

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